InvestProtect – security agency – offers professional services related to providing security of individuals and property for both business and private use, while ensuring the highest level of performance.


We offer:


1. Personal protection for VIPs and their families including:

– physical protection and security,

– protection during business meetings,

– detection of wiretaps enabling registration and surveillance in the VIP’s environment,

– airport pickup,

– ensuring safety during travel and transport,

– personal protection during: business trips, public speeches, negotiations, business meetings, conferences.

2. Events security.

3. GPS vehicle monitoring.


We provide full security in any situation.


We are known for our competence, receptiveness to individual requirements, and commitment to our duty. We work closely with clients to ensure that potential risks are detected and avoided before they can even become substantial threats. We prepare detailed analyses of potential risks, carefully plan security activities and develop procedures for crisis situations. Prior to commencing personal security of an individual we conduct thorough security checks of their places of residence as well as transit and evacuation routes, including wiretapping and pyrotechnics checks


We are at your service 24/7.

Protection at InvestProtect means:

A professional team of security agents (former anti-terrorists and GROM officers)

Flexibility - our services are fully tailored to clients’ needs and preferences

Modern technologies

Professional vehicles – JEEP, BMW X5, Audi Q7

Camouflaged wireless intercom with headsets for each security agent

Full discretion – we always respect the privacy and secrets of the person protected

Freedom and comfort of the protected person

A wide scope of activities

Concealed means of physical coercion (Glock 17 firearms, stun guns, handcuffs, pepper spray, telescopic batons)

InvestProtect operates in the area of personal protection under a license, issued by the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and Administration, for the business activity in the protection of persons and property No.