Business intelligence is often the most effective way to make responsible decisions. When conduced properly, it constitutes an effective way to protect the company against losses caused by dishonest and unreliable subcontractors. It allows you to verify the actual status of contractors, i.e. their financial status, payment credibility, liquidity, opinion in the environment, ownership of real estate, reliability in commercial contacts in the country and abroad.


For a business to be successful it is essential that all board members and employees act for the good of the enterprise. However, on occasion one can lose confidence in employees or even business partners. In such situations  a discreet inspection by InvestProtect  investigators may be indispensible. You will be  provided with a full picture of the public and clandestine financial situation of the partner and our report will allow you to take steps to handle the situation further.


Entrepreneurs may be absorbed with handling dishonest contractors for days. Sending out notices and numerous telephone calls often yield  poor results. Again, we are here to help you.

As a part of debt collection activities:

– we will indicate the place of the debtors’ business premises or their place of residence,

– we will determine the legal status and the condition of  debtor’s company,

– we will find debtor’s assets

– we will assess the chances of recovery,

– we will carry out lawful actions to persuade the debtor to voluntarily repay the debt,

– we will negotiate the method and date of repayment  during direct contact with the debtor.


The reliability check of business partners offered by InvestProtect will put some light on and help you assess the security of planned cooperation with potential contractors.  Among others,  the service covers solvency assessment of  future contractor and gathering  information on past cooperation with other enterprises. We will also identify capital and personal connections of companies.

Our activities will help you eliminate the problems associated with an unreliable business partner. You will receive a comprehensive report presenting detailed characteristics together with a thorough risk analysis related to cooperation with a new entity. This will enable you to make a reasonable decision.


It is advisable to take preliminary action against data  theft by the employees, therefore we would encourage you to perform appropriate checks. To meet your needs, we will verify employees compliance with the competition ban and check their work involvement. We will determine informal and hidden contacts with competitors and reach their previous employers to gather information about loyalty towards them. At your request, we can also control employees abusing sick leave. The report prepared by InvestProtect will allow you to discipline dishonest employees, and consequently – you will gain confidence in relation to  the integrity of your staff.


Among the basic expectations towards an employee one could distinguish conscientious performance of official duties and compliance with professional secrecy. If you have been a victim of a leak of classified  information, we will find its sources and establish both the formal and informal relationships of the rouge employees. We will also check whether an  employee benefits from the use of information retrieved  from the company’s database. A detailed report on the activities carried out will help you make the right decisions regarding the employee.


If your business needs new reliable and diligent employees InvestProtect can offer you professional assistance in your quest. Our detectives will collect data about your future employee – they will verify their career and check their personal and business connections. We will also analyze the course of cooperation with former clients in the industry, which they represented before the recruitment process. A detailed report, with the information gathered, will allow you to assess the intentions and honesty of the future employee,  easing the  employment decision.


InvestProtect helps recovering money to people who have fallen victim to financial pyramid schemes. Vast experience in these types of cases, allows us to take effective action against the conmen who hide their assets. In the course of our investigation activities, we determine the modus operandi, the mechanisms of withdrawing funds and the places where the perpetrators hide the assets.

Our team has represented a group of people aggrieved by the Timless Gallery Group and we are helping the victims of the GetBack pyramid scheme.


Economic espionage, sudden and unexpected downfall of the company’s position on the market, annulments  of previous agreements with contractors, significant revenue decrease, attempts to take over clients, hampering market activities or data theft are only a few instances of  unfair competition activities.

At InvestProtect we will help you win any case of unfair competition by delivering evidence of the crime committed.


Any entrepreneur must realize that running a business they have classified business data at hand and therefore they are at risk of  targeting by the competition. There are many sophisticated technologies used for interception. The transmitters are usually found in the offices, phones and cars. To match those high-tech practices  InvestProtect hires the best specialists in revealing wiretap devices. They have years of experience and working knowledge of physics, electronics, optoelectronics and ICT.


The scope of services offered by InvestProtect:

  • Identifying active and passive audio recording devices (taps and bugs)
  • Searching rooms for listening devices using physical and thermal visual inspection techniques,
  • detection and location of video recorders wired and wireless
  • a transmission test on the telephone network,
  • analysis of ICT networks,
  • transmission test in the infrared band,
  • transmission test in 230V AC mains,
  • analysis of existing Wi-Fi networks


A good reputation is hugely important for any modern business. However, many enterprises fall victim to dishonest and unfavorable information, the so called “fake news”. The speed of information dispersal on the Internet together with anonymity of users could quickly place your business under a cloud. Luckily, at InvestProtect we have experience in finding the authors of fake comments. Our investigation will indicate the entities, which benefit from such activity and we will verify their connection with people spreading the critical comments. Most importantly we will collect evidence of those actions to ensure cessation of further activities and compensation for the losses caused.


Unfortunately, illegal copying is common practice these days, however, given our experience and expertise, at InvestProtect we know how to stop it. Our investigation will reveal the degree to which benefits have been derived from violation of your copy and patent rights. We will also reach people and entities who have commissioned copying of your solutions. Our comprehensive report will allow you to effectively stop the procedure.


The theft of employer’s assets has become a common phenomenon. It is critical for any businesses to make sure that they maintain control over their company and prevent this type of behavior ever being part of the corporate culture. At Invest Protect we will help you identify the perpetrators of the theft by finding witnesses of the incident, analysis of monitoring records and determining the initiators of any such action. Our report will provide undisputable evidence that will allow the case to be brought  to court.