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Observation of a board member of a brokerage company suspected of acting to the detriment of the company — pdf

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Detecting wiretaps in the BalticSeaTower office building — pdf

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Verification a business partner integrity

If you have any doubts about the integrity
of a shareholder, at InvestProtect we will verify
any potentially hazardous information.

As CEOs or board members of enterprises, at some point you have certainly pondered  the integrity of your business partners. If you have any doubts about the integrity of  people you are running your business with,  InvestProtect will conduct thorough background checks of your partners  and also verify the persons who are potential candidates to join the board of the company.

As private investigators, we have solved numerous problems and saved a lot of entrepreneurs’  money. Over the years we have established solid partnerships with large corporations and smaller business entities. We are certain that we can provide solutions to your problems also!

Collecting evidence of unfair

InvestProtect verifies, checks and controls
the entities indicated by the client, which
threaten or violate the interest of our clients’
businesses …

In order to protect the interests of your business, we  will first target

the issue of unfair competition, which in the era of free market economy constitutes a severe threat for entrepreneurs, hitting those who cannot stand the pressure off  the market. At InvestProtect we verify, check and control the entities indicated by the client, which threaten or violate the interest of their businesses, since committing an act of unfair competition is by law subject to civil and criminal liability.

We are familiar with cases of employees, who having left the company took over clients or key contracts. We also dealt with cases of managers and board members who left the company and took over the existing contractors through another economic entity in the same field. We have successfully helped others, we will not let you down.

Detecting wiretaps on business premises

People deciding to put a wiretap in your
office, do so acting on the order of unfair
competition, criminals or special services …

Holding a high position in a company means that you have access to sensitive information that can be used ruthlessly in the hands of the competition. People deciding to wiretap your office act on the orders of (unfair) competitors, criminals or special services. Financial losses caused by the leak of information can only be a preamble to subsequent events.

We believe that a well-founded sense of security is  of the  greatest value and this is what you will find  starting cooperation with Invest Protect.

The detailed scope of our services includes: checking the premises, i.e.: walls, ceiling, floor, windows, doors and all elements of the equipment. To deliver highest quality services, we use only state of the art technology available. After completing the activities, we issue a service report with  reservations and recommendations.

Debts recovery by means of
investigative and detective techniques

As a part of debt collection services, we
undertake activities that lead to effective and
safe recovery of your debts from debtors …

Many of our clients hesitate to use debt collection services in order to to avoid exposure to reputational damage or the safety of their loved ones. They would  give up the recovery of significant amounts of 800,000 or 1.5 million PLN for their own peace of mind.

As part of debt collection services, we undertake activities that lead to an effective and safe recovery of your debts from debtors.

 Accepting the case, we are bound deliver discreet, reliable, timely and comprehensive service of debt collection. Due to a wide range of tools and techniques at hand, debt collection measures are adjusted so as to recover outstanding amounts without aggression.

The recipe for success in recovering moneys owed at this stage is a covert operation that will then allow subsequent debt collection techniques. What is more, having analyzed the case, we try not to waste time on taking ineffective actions, but focus on those directions that, given the debtor’s situation, have the greatest chance of recovering the debt.

Collecting forensic evidence of an
economic crime.

If you fell victim to an economic crime and
need evidence to win the trial we are there to
get it for you.

Counterfeiting of documents, obtaining damages, credits and loans under false pretenses, imitation of trademarks, internet fraud, public procurement fraud – sounds familiar? If you have been a victim of an economic crime, you need irrefutable evidence to win the trial. Our company will provide it to you!


Perspectives of detective services in business

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