The year 2012 was a breakthrough for us. And not because a successful landing on Mars went down in history. It was because we completed our first corporate order. One of the largest industrial companies in Poland trusted us to handle a case of theft of fuel from rail tankers.

Although the first steps were difficult, the years of experience gained at the Central Investigation Bureau and the Internal Security Agency proved to be useful and helped to fit in the new reality. The initial challenges did not discourage us, on the contrary, they motivated us to intense work and extending qualifications in the field of private investigation studies.

The first contracts were conducted by a modest two-person team. However, as the years went by, InvestProtect grew, the number of employees increased. Today in our ranks there are 8 detectives, 2 technicians, 2 graphologists, a psychologist specializing in criminal psychology and 2 finance experts.

We stand for continuous development that goes  in line with effectiveness and discretion.

We strive to be the leading detective agency in Poland, specializing in investigative services for business, and at the same time provide services at the highest level. We believe that the success of our clients is our success. For this reason, our team of investigators use only state of the art equipment. They also have vast experience and knowledge of law, psychology, physics, electronics, optoelectronics or ICT.

We have our own transport base, but we also use car rental companies. In addition, any activities outside Poland are carried out by our own investigators, assisted by the local specialists, who speak the language necessary to complete the contract.


We are here to increase your sense of security in running your business.

Do not hesitate to contact us. The date and place of the meeting is up to you.